servo supports

Servo supports for model railways

With servos one can operate semaphore signals, points and barrier gates. The servo supports are designed for use with mini or standard servo’s (not included). The needed space below a model railway is small as both servo support and servos are small.
The servo supports are available in two types. One type is suitable for mini servos and the other for standard servos.
The servo support is available in two models.

Basic model
The basic model is suitable for one mini servo. One can operate one point, signal or barrier gate with this model.

Model 2 (for up to three mini servos)
This model can hold up to three mini servos. This gives one the opportunity to operate a three arm signal. Also one can operate one point and a one arm signal from this support. In the latter case the space for the second servo is left open.

Bolts and nuts are delivered with the support to mount the servos.

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