Set spacers for sleepers OO gauge

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Set spacers for sleepers OO gauge

With this set you can correct the spacing of your sleepers.
The set is designed to get 24 or 26 per 60 ft rail (24 cm in 00 gauge)
The sleepers near the joints are closer together than in the middle of the track.
Extra advantage is that ballasting is easier and that there is a gap between ballast and rail.

Designed for use together with Peco Code 75 OO/HO Flexible track

To get an even distribution of sleepers you may only use spacers no. 6 or 7.
If you want to mimic the sleeper pattern of 24 sleepers per 60 ft. standard rail the following scheme is used:
S - 6 - 6 - (18 x 7) - 6 - 6 - S

For 26 sleepers per 60 ft: S - 5 - 5 - 5 - (17 x 6) - 5 - 5 - 5 - S

In both cases two sleepers will be beneath the rail joint. In model the joint itself does not need to be made.
The sleeper pattern will add more realism.

The set contains:
Set of 15 spacers
2 x S type spacers (starting spacers for two sleepers below a rail joint; distance to first sleeper: 6.1 mm)
3 x 5 type spacers (distance between sleepers: 6.1 mm)
5 x 6 type spacers (distance between sleepers: 6.6 mm)
5 x 7 type spacer (distance between sleepers: 7.1 mm)

The sleeper spacers are mentioned in the New Gear section of the March 2018 issue of BRM (British Railway Modelling).

Source: March 2018 issue of BRM (British Railway Modelling)

English Model Railways OO Gauge Sleeper Spacers

The distance between sleepers of Peco Code 75 flexible track is to Ho scale (1:87). As a result, for British modellers in OO gauge (1:76) the sleepers are too close together. is a Dutch online model railway outlet that has designed sleeper spacrs for Peco Code 75 flexible track alowing their spacing to be corrected for OO gauge. Its set of jigs is designed for 24 or 26 sleepers per standard 60ft British standard rail length. Sleepers nearer to rail joins are closer together than the rest of the track, and this too can be replicated using the spacers. Available in sets of 15, the items can be bought from its website.
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material plastic
scale OO/HO
skills level average
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Customer Questions
Are the spacers suitable for Peco Code 83 HO track?

Although the spacers are designed for Peco code 75 track they are suitable for Peco code 83 track. The spacers fit over the sleepers of code 75 track which are 3,2mm wide. The sleepers of code 83 track are slightly less wide so it will fit over the sleepers.

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