frequently asked questions

Last update on: October 20th 2022

When will my order be shipped?

Products ordered before 08:00 CET on Mondays until Fridays will be shipped the same day.

Other orders will be shipped the next work day*.

We use PostNL, DHL and UPS for shipping your order.

Please pay attention to the following: during extremely busy times we may deviate from the above.
The current shipping moment can always be seen at the top of each page, all product pages, the shopping cart, the checkout page and this page as well.

Can I order as usual?
Yes, we do everything we can to handle all orders. The delivery may be delayed due to the fact that PostNL, DHL and UPS have to process more parcels than usual.

What precautions have you taken?
We follow all safety measures advised by the RIVM. Our employees keep social distance from each other and when packing orders they wear gloves. In addition, none of our employees come to work when they have symptoms of covid19.

Do you expect problems with the stock?
At the moment most of our suppliers still deliver. We do our best to keep everything in stock.

Can my order be infected with the virus?
We, PostNL, DHL and UPS do everything we can to prevent parcels to become infected with the virus. Should this happen, the virus can’t survive very well on cardboard. Scientific research has shown that after 24 hours the virus is no longer found on cardboard. If you want to be 100% sure your order isn’t infected, you can quarantine it for 24 hours before opening. To be the safe, you can wash your hands after opening your parcel.

How will my order be delivered?
PostNL, DHL and UPS follow the measures advised by the RIVM. They deliver your order contact less. They will put your order in front of your door or if your parcel fits through the mailbox, they will put it in your mailbox. Your parcel will not be left unattended at your door.

Why do I receive a shipping confirmation on Saturday or Sunday?
As we receive more orders than usual we pack and process as many orders as possible during the weekend. That’s why you will receive a shipping confirmation on Saturday or Sunday. Orders are shipped on Monday and can be tracked through track and trace from Tuesday morning.