etched brass kit: Diagram 20; 20t goods break van

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Diagram 20; 20t goods break van in 4 mm scale
The 20ton break van was probably conceived as a consequence of a Board of Trade accident investigation report of 1890 which highlighted the lack of braking power for heavy coal trains on the North Staffordshire. The report recommended at " least one 10ton break van for every 20 waggons in a train or part of 20". As the typical North Staffordshire mineral train had 40 wagons it followed that two 10 ton vans were required! The diagram 20 was a logical development of the 10 ton van previously used by the North Staffordshire. Indeed several features of the later 10 ton vehicles are evident, the double side windows, the veranda and off course the outside brake handle. The van was some 2' longer with nearly double the tare weight and may be identified from otherwise similar 10ton vans by the 'apex downwards' arrangement of the end diagonal struts.

The kit
Dimensions of built kit (lxwxh) : 80 x 32 x 45 mm.
Length over buffers: 80 mm.
Dimensions of package (lxwxh): 315 x 125 x 25 mm

The kit contains the following parts:
- sides
- floor
- buffers
- break hoses
- bearings

You will need the following to complete the model:
- 14 mm diameter open spoke wheels choose your wheels here
- solder and/or universal glue
- transfers
- paint
- couplings
Building instructions
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More Information
maatschappij BR, LMS, NSR
material etched brass
scale OO
type kit
skills level advanced
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