DGE 3 and 4mm finescale D.G. autocouplings

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This fret contains 16 delayed action autocouplings for use 3 and 4mm finescale layouts; i.e. 3mm scale, track gauge of 14.2mm, or 4mm scale to OO, EM or P4 standards, but with generous curve radii. TT gauge modellers should use DGD, whilst tighter 4mm scale curves require the slightly larger DGB.

Lengths of PBW phosphor bronze and SWDG plated steel wire are provided in the pack. The use of the LBJAD loop bending jig is recommended, so that the coupling loops are all made to the same size. To make the couplings operational, you will also require one or more PK MAG electromagnets.

The actual size of the fret is 41½ x 67½mm; it is etched in 0.010" brass. Each coupling is approximately 14mm long and 7mm wide.
To see exactly what is involved in using DG couplings, download the instruction sheet .
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material etched brass
scale P4
skills level beginner
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